Two Blue Wolves Soundtrack

by Sparrow Hall (Various Artists)

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Presented as a first-of-its-kind digital collection, Two Blue Wolves reimagines the way we experience a story, fusing literature with multiple dynamic mediums, including music, motion pictures and art. The Two Blue Wolves Digital Collection includes an eBook of the original short story by Sparrow Hall; an audio book version read by the author; an original soundtrack, including 14 songs by various artists; a music video; and printable posters and desktop wallpapers.

SYNOPSIS: Winter in Paris. A young American couple have retreated to France, attempting to escape the destructive forces surrounding them. Their love serves as a single bond amid an intricate and fragile web—linking the failing mind of an old woman, a people at the brink of disaster, and a world preparing against a faceless terror. (Parental guidance recommended)

15% of every Two Blue Wolves purchase is contributed to the Alzheimer’s Association—the leading voluntary health organization in Alzheimer care, support and research.

Critic Reviews

"Beyond the beauty of the story, the music, the art—there is a sound that accompanies the arrival of Sparrow Hall’s Two Blue Wolves. It is the bang of innovation, and it is ushering in a vibrant new era of storytelling."

-Linda Kaplan Thaler
Bestselling Author & Media Mogul

"... a beautiful short story that explores memory through a woman suffering through Alzheimer's disease as well as through the eyes of her caregiver."

-Catherine Mangosing
MyTurtleneck: Documenting Inspiration

"This project is unbelievable. What a great experience and I urge everyone to check it out."

-Jim DeLucia
carving my initials

"I have been following Sparrow Hall's writing for many years, but nothing prepared me for the depth and beauty of Two Blue Wolves. A stunning piece of work."

-Nathan Parker
Award-winning screenwriter of MOON

"Two Blue Wolves is one of those rare opportunities to see the artist collaboration and feel like you're a part of it. The story is more than just words, it becomes an experience - an experience you want to be a part of because it reflects a part of you."

-Kastoory Kazi
Pomp & Circumstance Magazine

"Two Blue Wolves reminds me of so many things in myself that I've forgotten… The story is beautiful and paints a series of pictures, or perhaps more fitting: a series of warm Polaroids…"

-Paul G. Maziar

"Beautiful. In both imagery and feeling. In many ways like a poem… it holds together in a delicate, mysterious way I haven't put my finger on yet."

-Lawrence David


released October 20, 2009



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A Crowd Electric New York, New York

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Track Name: The Waiter
In the candlelight asking for a wine list
Italian suits wearing gold cuff links
You could be like him
You could buy her heaven
You could hate yourself

You could buy the ring
There's just the ring
All those nights in black
There was just the ring

Sitting at the bar counting all your money
Thinking of her eyes while the end's at hand
All the plates you served get crushed to glitter
Every glass of wine

Returns to sand
Turns to sand
At the end of time
There's only sand

Oh, the night's gonna bury us
Under a wave that will carry us
We'll be together on the floor of the sea
Together again and you know what we'll be

Sinking down

We'll be diamonds baby (x4)

All of those nights could've been beside her
All of those nights walking miles in a box
All of that seems like a cold reminder
All of your love for a primitive rock

You try to hold onto something
Try to hold the one your loving
Try to save up all your money
Try to keep the sands from running
Cuz you know the time is coming
When your heart’ll stop its pumping
When the wave will come in crushing
And then the sand amounts to nothing

The credit card that has served them so well
Will survive encased in an amber stone
But the memory of her face will wither
No photograph
No one will ever know
No one will ever know

Oh, The night's gonna bury us
Under a wave that will carry us
We'll be together on the floor of the sea
Together again and you know what we'll be

I am so done with all of this
Bury me in the black warm grave of your kiss
Soon we'll be floating, tomorrow we're stars
Carried away in a long black car

At the end that's all

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